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Peticure the original as seen on TV pet grooming tool

professional dog grooming industry

We are no longer selling products through this website. ALL orders up to this point WILL be filled and shipped to you.

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Introducing the peticure® elite and the peticure® safe guard

The use of the rotary tool for pet nail filing has evolved with patent pending peticure® safe guard. peticure® provides today's pet professionals with what they are looking for — safe, efficient, and effective tools to perform at their best. peticure® is the next level in nail care. The innovations of the peticure® safe guard take all of the positive features of "rotary tool filing" and eliminate all of the negatives.

Here's why . . .

Adjustable size openings that hold around the nail and expose the minimum filing surface improve safety considerably. First, accidental hair winding is no longer a factor. No unwanted hair will catch in the spinning bit. Second, accidental abrasion is completely eliminated. Contact to the dogs paws, face, and other parts are no longer a worry. Third, projectile nail debris is not present when using the guard. The peticure® safe guard catches all of the nail dust in its chamber. Great for the professional and the dog!

Additionally, the peticure® safe guard's variable size contact openings make the rotary tool much easier to use and manipulate. The selectable contact openings securely hold the nail in place. This gives the professional much more control when working with the directional pull of the filing bit. The nail is held in place on the correct spot of the filing bit and that means no more awkward skips and bumps.

The 9.6v rotary tool delivers smooth and quiet power. The design is streamlined and its auto stop feature has the perfect threshold. Take the rotary tool experience to the next level in safety and performance with peticure®!

Peticure, the original pet nail grooming tool