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Peticure the original as seen on TV pet grooming tool
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Peticure dog nail care, dog grooming supplies, dog nail clippers. Peticure is the painless, easy, and humane way to care for you pet's nails.

Peticure Pure & Positive

Read about peticure's Pure and Positive method of positive animal reinforcement.

Peticure Demos

Come see all of our video library for all things peticure.

Peticure Faq's

The Peticure library of all frequently asked questions. Int includes the answers you have been looking for.

Peticure News

See Peticure in the news and media.

Peticure Professional

See and read all things pertaining to the professional pet groomer and the Peticure.

Peticure About

Read about all things Peticure.

Contact Peticure

Please go to this page to find all contact information for peticure.

Peticure Privacy page

All privacy disclosure information.

Pedicure - Did you mean peticure?

A page to clarify the difference.

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Peticure, the original pet nail grooming tool