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Peticure the original as seen on TV pet grooming tool

peticure® news & media

We are no longer selling products through this website. ALL orders up to this point WILL be filled and shipped to you.

If you purchased through Groupon, please contact their customer service with any questions/concerns.


ISCC awards the peticure® elite!
Peticure® has been rigorously field tested by dog grooming professionals and has received the prestigious Seal of Approval award by the ISCC (International Society of Canine Cosmetology) which is in compliance with OSHA
Peticure®'s safe guard has greatly enhanced the practice of rotary tool use in the pet industry.
The peticure® guard provides a controlled and safe experience by greatly reducing projectile nail debris, hair winding, and accidental abrasion.
Equally, the guard provides the user ergonomic advantages.
The International Society of Canine Cosmetologists is a for-profit service oriented organization designed for the continuing education and advancement of professional pet stylists. Dedicated to providing essential communication, networking, continuing education and certification services, ISCC provides a balanced and varied program of activities at the local, regional and national level to keep you on top of the latest trends, innovations and issues facing our industry.


Peticure, the original pet nail grooming tool