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Peticure the original as seen on TV pet grooming tool


peticure® video demos

We are no longer selling products through this website. ALL orders up to this point WILL be filled and shipped to you.

If you purchased through Groupon, please contact their customer service with any questions/concerns.


Peticure® is more than a product, it is a bridge that heals an old wound and redefines the way we care for our pet's.



how to peticure

How to peticure® the nail
Peticure's Three Rules

File the nail for only a 3-5 seconds at one time. This avoids
     excess friction

Alternate nails as you are filing. This technique further insures
     friction is not an issue.

Always look at the nail after each and every filing pass. This is
     necessary to gauge the quick.


How do I know when to stop
The most common question asked about peticures is, "how do I know when to stop". The simple answer to the question is this. "Filing" as a method of nail removal is very incremental. When removing paper thin layers, the danger of taking off too much at one time is not possible. If it is your first time using peticure®, be conservative and only round off the sharp edges and obvious overgrowth.

introducing peticure

Introducing peticure®
Spending a few days properly introducing peticure® will make a lifetime of ease in giving them. Turn on peticure® and give the dog his or her favorite treat at the same time. Put the filer close to the dog as you give the treat. Praise the dog. Repeat this several times until the pet is comfortable and anticipates the treat. Now, get a treat out as usual except this time we will touch the tip of ONE nail to the peticure® filer. Treat the dog and or play after. Always condition your pet with a positive experience after a encounter.

how to assemble

How to assemble the peticure®

Make sure you have all the parts

expose threads by unscrewing the protective cap

Insert the drum into the collet nut (To correct length see step 9)

press down the shaft lock button

Tighten the drum into place with the collet nut while pressing down the shaft lock button

Release the shaft lock button

Screw on and tighten the safeguard (do not overly tighten)

Make sure the filing band is alligned evenly with the contact opening


Attaching the filing band

Remove the peticure® safeguard shield

Press down the saftey latch with your thumb

Unscrew the tightening bolt

Remove band and attach new band

Tighten bolt and reattach safeguard



Attaching the peticure® safeguard

Hold the rotary tool firmly

Unscrew the protective cover

Screw in the peticure® safeguard



charging battery

Charging the battery

Press down saftey release

Remove battery

Insert battery in the charger

Do not charge for more than 4 hours




Safeguard for dremel

Adjustable size openings for superior control

Eliminates accidental hair winding

Eliminates abrasions

Eliminates projectile nail debris




Peticure, the original pet nail grooming tool