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Peticure the original as seen on TV pet grooming tool

about peticure®

We are no longer selling products through this website. ALL orders up to this point WILL be filled and shipped to you.

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peticure Hello pet parents. My name is Jayden Drelinger, president and inventor of peticure®.

My business partner, Ron Dill, and I have a vision to innovate the dog grooming industry in a way that allows dog nail grooming to be a painless and positive experience. The sense of contribution we share is the driving force behind our success knowing that peticure® will improve the lives of pets worldwide. This journey has been without question the most rewarding experience of our lives. Like you, we are passionate about our pets. They are a source of joy in our lives that is irreplaceable.

The art of rotary tool use has evolved and been perfected with the patent pending peticure® safe guard. We say with integrity that peticure® is the easiest and safest way to care for your pet's nails. Not only is it the most conscientious and humane way to care for your pet, it will save you money, valuable time, and will help protect your hardwood floors and furniture. peticure® is perfect for those sharp nail touch ups that are so often needed.

peticure® is a revolutionary dog grooming tool that completely removes the fear of harming your pet and converts pet parents who were once terrified of the nail clipper to be empowered with confidence. When you are confident, your pet will respond with the calmness that we have seen time and time again!

We recommend that everyone watch our peticure® video demonstrations before using peticure®.

If you elect professional services, please make sure your vet or groomer uses peticure® for your pet.

Pamper your pet with a peticure® today!

We thank you for your support,

peticure® history

Nail Care
How many of us put off trimming our dog's nails because of the stress of dog nail clipping tools or the time-consuming event of a day at the vets or groomer? Nail care is an essential part of your dog's comfort and proper care. If your dog's nails touch the floor or you can hear the nails "click" as your pet walks, your pet is due for a trim. Overgrown nails can cause a variety of problems from deformed feet (splayed toes), hip and back problems, to torn nails. A dog with splayed toes from nail overgrowth will find it uncomfortable to put their full body weight on their feet. Just walking can then be a painful experience. For the pet parent, overgrown nails can cause painful scratches and damage to hardwood floors and furniture.

The Dog Nail Clipper
Using a dog nail clipper is a stressful event for pet parent and professional alike. Due to the anatomy of the dog's nail, dog nail clippers are an incorrect method of trimming an animal's nail. Inside the nail there are sensitive nerves and blood vessels called the "quick." Cuts with a dog nail clipper are blind and inaccurate causing injury. Even when the quick is not cut, the pressure from the blades pinches down on the sensitive nerves causing sharp pain. Dog nail clippers split and crush the nail leaving it jagged and rough. As the blades of the dog nail clipper become increasingly dull, the problem gets worse. Dogs develop negative reactions ranging from nervous to completely terrified of having their nails cut. Some dogs even have fearful associations with having their paws handled because of the dog nail clipper.

Rotary Tools
The popularity of rotary tool use for dog nail grooming has grown tremendously in the last decade. Large companies have marketed rotary tools specifically for the pet industry. The benefits of filing over clipping have made the rotary tool trend a hit for professional groomers, vets, dog show enthusiasts, and many pet parents. Filing mimics nature's process of dog nail removal and thus is the correct way to trim a dog's nails. Painless filing removes enamel in controlled thin increments. This gives the user much more control because it eliminates the danger of taking off too much at one time. Thus, gauging the quick is made easy. Moreover, filing the nail leaves it much smoother and you can shape it to a rounded finish. Regular and proper use of the rotary tool will actually recede the quick. However, there are notable safety and ease of use issues when using an open face rotary tool in which the filing bit is exposed.

What are the drawbacks for your pets?

  • Accidental abrasion is common. Contact to the dog's face and paws are difficult to avoid with the high-speed filing bit.
  • Unwanted hair winding in the filing bit is a common occurrence for long hair breeds. Hair that is suddenly pulled is obviously painful.
  • As the nail is filed with an open face bit, projectile nail debris makes a dusty white cloud that is a hazard to the eyes, harmful to breathe, and is quite messy.

Control issues are another drawback with the standard rotary tool. Placing the nail on the incorrect spot against the force of the filing bit creates awkward skips and bumps which makes the tool difficult to use and manipulate. Add a wiggling pet and you increase the difficulty. These negatives have kept the otherwise beneficial rotary tool from complete industry adoption.

now there is peticure®!

peticure safe guard

There is a cure...peticure®!

The peticure® safe guard makes the rotary tool easy for anyone to use right out of the box! The guard eliminates all of the former safety issues while providing superb control.

  • Hair winding is eliminated
  • The dog is completely protected from the filing bit
  • The guard catches all of the debris for convenient disposal

Get the peticure® advantage for your home or pet business today!

Peticure, the original pet nail grooming tool